On December 3, 2018, the Embassy of Turkmenistan in collaboration with United Nations Information Center in Islamabad and Institute of Peace and Diplomatic studies of Pakistan held Seminar on “Turkmenistan and Status of Permanent Neutrality: Peace, Progress and Prosperity”, devoted to 2nd Anniversary of Adoption of UN General Assembly’s Resolution proclaiming the December 12 as the International Day of Neutrality.

Chief Guest of this event was Special Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign affairs of Pakistan H.E. Mr. Syed Hassan Raza Shah. United Nations Coordinator in Pakistan Mr. Neil Buhne, Director UNIC in Islamabad Mr. Vlastimil Samek, Vice-chancellor of Sargodha University Dr.Ishtiaq Ahmad, Director of Central Asian Republics department of Ministry of Foreign affairs of Pakistan, President of Institute of Peace and Diplomatic studies Mrs. Farhat Asif, heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Islamabad, representatives of think tanks, social organizations and mass-media were among the participants of this seminar.

At the beginning of the event, Mrs. Farhat Asif delivered her speech on Permanent Neutrality status of Turkmenistan. She shared her views on the importance of neutrality in maintaining stability on the planet.

Ambassador of Turkmenistan made his speech on the role of Neutrality of Turkmenistan and stated that by the initiative of Honourable President of Turkmenistan H.E. Mr. Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov the UN General Assembly adopted Resolution on proclaiming the December 12 as the International Day of Neutrality on February 2, 2017. He also stressed that foreign policy of the President of Turkmenistan based on Permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan and Turkmenistan chose the model called a Positive Neutrality and formulated its fundamentals provisions: peacefulness, non-interference into affairs of other states, respect of their sovereignty and territorial integrity, nonparticipation in the international military organizations and agreements, commitment to universal values and conducting own policies in close cooperation with the UN and humanitarian international organizations.

Another Speaker of this event was UN Coordinator in Pakistan Mr. Neil Buhne, who underlined the importance of neutrality for sustainable development around the world.  In this connection, he also reminded of the key tasks of the United Nations aimed at preventive diplomacy and conflict resolution where permanent neutrality represents one of the highest standards and values.

The floor was then given to the Chief Guest of the event Special Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign affairs of Pakistan. In his speech, he emphasized the importance of being the Neutral country and highly appreciated the contributions of Turkmen state by holding this Status. He told that Pakistan supported and will always support the initiatives of Turkmenistan in the international arena.

At the end of the event, the guests were invited to refreshments.