On June 19, 2020, a meeting through videoconferencing took place between the Co-chairs of the Intergovernmental Turkmen-Russian Commission on Economic Cooperation, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan R.Meredov and the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation A.L.Overchuk.  

The heads and representatives of a number of ministries and departments of the leading sectors of the economy of Turkmenistan and Russia also participated at the meeting. 

The parties reiterated the high level of development of the Turkmen-Russian relations. The adherence of the leaders of the two nations to further strengthening of bilateral ties in political-diplomatic, trade-economic and cultural-humanitarian spheres was underlined. The success of collaboration in the framework of international organizations aimed at sustaining peace, stability and development in the region and in the world was emphasized.    

The issues pertaining to the development of the legal base of cooperation were also discussed. Speaking about the growth indicators in the trade-economic field, the parties considered the relevant vectors of cooperation in the area of the industry, transport, digital technologies and financial operations. The active development of cooperation with the regions of the Russian Federation was highlighted.      

The parties noted the positive experience of collaboration in the field of healthcare, including the prevention and response to the infectious diseases taking into account the current pandemic. The timeliness and efficiency of mutual actions carried out in this regard were underlined.    

The cooperation in the field of education, science and culture were also discussed.

Upon completion of the session, the ceremony of signing bilateral documents took place.